Chronicles of Elyria will set new standards in the MMORPG genre. Play the descendants of a family you choose, or start as an orphan and create your individual character. In this game, the players depend on each other, so our county also needs players to occupy as many professions as possible. The list is big and you will certainly find something you enjoy and will need the county




Our county has evolved and grown into a duchy. Already, counties have joined our Duchy. You will also find your place with us in one of our counties, with whatever profession. Everything is welcome and needed. Keep a look around our website and join us. Visit our Discord for more details.

We welcome all kinds of players, whether groups, guilds or other communities, and it is important to us that you enjoy the game, capable of a team since and since you, to adapt and accept this game system and its mechanics. In our community, it is important to us that people get along, respect themselves and deal with each other. This will also be the key to success in this game.

The construction of the Duchy has already begun and the first counts have already made their way into our country. Visit us in our Discord and join us. Experience your personal adventure in our Duchy of Azkhar


.Founder of the Duchy



Cohesion also means mastering difficult times and not breaking down at them



To follow the leader in good times as well as in difficult times



You should be nurtured and maintained