Duchy of Azkhar

Our Duke Tritus Ferhain officially proclaims the Duchy of Azkhar. It offers the greatest possible freedom to develop the settlements, but the security of the country, the protection of citizens and our resources are paramount. Laws and structures in the military civil sector ensure clear rules for getting along.
In our northern regions there will be a lot of opportunities for every citizen to create a game atmosphere. Whether it’s trading goods, craftsmen, miner, agriculture, explorers, guardist or one of the most used professions, everyman/woman is needed. Because without craftsmanship no buildings, no roads, without agriculture no food for humans and animals, without research and development no municipality can develop further.

Principles of the Duke

  • All citizens, inside and outside the Duchy, should be guided by our wisdom in life (trust, loyalty and cohesion), live and act upon it.
  • The Counts have the greatest possible freedom in their district. The Duke does not intervene here unless there are situations where intervention is required.
  • The law of the Duchy must be respected and obeyed by all.
  • Taxes are paid by everyone. The tax will be fair, but this may also change in certain circumstances. We expect everyone to work together in both good times and difficult times! The taxes collected are mainly used for the infrastructure and security of all citizens or other necessary purposes.
  • The Duke will follow his religion from the chosen Tribe. Every other tribe that follows another religion has to apply it so that no conflicts of faith can arise. 
  • In our Duchy, all those who abide by laws, are capable of a team and follow the game system are welcome.

Trade and Economy

Due to the location of our duchy, the trade in resources from the mountains will occupy a special position. This is one of the opportunities to become part of a great trading company. So do the great mines that may be unbelievable.
Mining towns with many jobs will emerge and have a lot of chance of success. One of the most important products is extracted here, which will have a significant impact on our economy. Agriculture from Neran and Hrothi growing areas will provide various products that allow survival. We can find a wide variety of professions with the Hrothi and the Neran, providing a wide range for a desired profession.
With the Hrothi it is also possible to learn a profession to perfection. Become a legendary in mining or forging and in many more professions.
It is extremely important that the citizens of Azkhar use what our country has to offer to perfect our professions and skills, secure resources and manage by exporting our strength. In the end, the Tribe of the Brudvir will also make its way into our regions, which will have their own part in loggers, trappers, hunters, animal benchers.
This offers a wide range of professional opportunities in our Duchy, counties and cities.


A specially founded army that serves the security of the Duchy was created and is led by our Baron.The Duke Guard will carry exclusively the protection of the capital, as well as ensuring the safety of the Duke. Whether it’s travelling, hunting or exploring. The Guard does not give way from his side and will defend the Duke to the last man. This guard is solely under the command of the Duke, if you wish to join this Guard, you commit yourself to giving your life for that of the Duke. 

Our military will defend our duchy and secure the borders. Special tasks in peacetime that do justice to the share of PVPlern. This can go beyond county boundaries to protect the Duchy’s resources. Training, training, strategies are other tasks that those responsible have to face. An internal hierarchy of its own was created around the possibilities of ascending for those who perform special achievements and are passionate about becoming involved in the military.


The establishment of a guild of explorers will help us learn more about our duchy and explore special locations and make ourselves our own.
Whichever Tribe you belong to, here you will be able to make an important contribution to the clarification of our Duchy/Counties.
So-called points of interest, mines, animal herds, and caves are to be recorded, registered and ultimately protected. Every county
You can join this guild and make discoveries, with all information collected and evaluated at the end.

University Schools

A place of learning for everyone in one place.
The more people attend school or university, the faster new techniques and knowledge are discovered.
Learning is one of the key elements for those who want to act as trainers later in their profession. That is why there will be schools and universities where they can study books, scrolls of their profession.
For this reason, support from the Count is being provided here.
An excellent network of connections should allow every citizen to attend the school campus, should they not be able to afford their own.
Since our Duchy will have an excellent network of connections to other counties and cities among themselves, it is a pleasant travel to attend university.

Religion (Virtori)

The official religion of Kaldahar is the Virorian faith. The buildings can be found throughout the Duchy, but especially in front of the capital, where the impressive Virtite Cathedral towers over everything. People come from far away to visit the cathedral and practice their faith. Since the Duchy is an open-hearted one, other religions in the region are allowed to exercise their faith, even though they are neither officially recognized nor eligible for state aid. Since one’s own faith is of great importance, no conversion of other faiths is tolerated nor allowed.

Life in the Duchy

Every successful person knows that their performance depends on a community of people working together.
What is expected of you? What will your life be like in Azkhar?
The core of our culture lies in the good. You are free to start houses, businesses, families and friendships, but if necessary you will have to pay something for it, for the functioning of the Duchy and its great cities. You can live your life as your righteous soul desires. All that is expected is that you, keep this place in honor and protect him and everyone living in it with every fiber of your being, should the need ever arise. Every action you take also has consequences, both positive and negative.

The infrastructure

Our road network will take on special significance, especially as two or more different peoples will live in one place. For those who have to get around the surface of the oens, a comfortable and fast road should be created. The network in the mountains will be given special importance.

Who are we looking for?

As a reinforcement of our duchy, we are looking for …

  • As Count: Join our Duchy with your county and entourage
  • As mayor: Become mayor with your entourage and choose a city/village hamlet in one of our counties
  • As a citizen: Let yourself settle in one of our cities

Azkhar is currently looking for a host of players.

  • Join an economic operation or build one in one of our counties. (Has a very high priority)
  • Mayors establish additional settlements, and provide economic growth.
  • Landowners interested in farming, breeding and animal husbandry to tame the vast wilderness of Azkhar and cultivate his land.
  • Craftsmen and traders who help to develop the industry of Azkhar.
  • Military or Guardist to help protect Azkhar and enforce his laws.
  • A variety of other roles.